Student Information

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Welcome to Pembroke academy!


Alma Start (Tutorial): This will house the mandatory forms that need to be completed for each student.

Alma: This is our online access point for student information and grades. If you have trouble accessing your parent account, please reach out to the school.

If you would like to register your child at Pembroke Academy, please reach out to the Main Office and they will connect you with the correct person. Their number is (603) 485-7881.   

Competency-Based Education

Overview of Competency Based Education in SAU 53: This pamphlet covers the basics of Competency Based Education and how it works within our SAU.

Competency Listings for Pembroke Academy Classes: This document reviews the competencies used in all of Pembroke Academy's classes for the 22/23 school year.  

Competency Based Education Video Series:

Intro to CBE

What is a competency?

Grading & Reporting

Competency Recovery

Work Study Practices

4-Point Scale FAQs


School Counselor Assignments: There are four school counselors and their caseloads are divided alphabetically. 

23-24 Program of Studies: A look at the courses and programs offered here at Pembroke Academy 

Course Registration (Tutorial): This guides students through the Course Registration process in Alma.

Library Media Center: The Pembroke Academy Library Media Center has a plethora of resources both online and in person. Please check them out. 

Course Supply List: Wondering what students may need for their classes? Check out this list!

General Information

Student/Parent Handbook: Rules, Regulations, Policies, and a general overview of the PA experience.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Pembroke Academy

Grade Level Themes: These are the general themes of courses at Pembroke Academy, by grade level. Part of the culminating experience for PA students revolves around the central guiding question for our school: How should I live my life?

Spartan/Green/White Day Calendar:  PA's schedule is that we run all classes on Spartan days, the odd numbered classes on Green Days, and the even numbered classes on White Days.