2023-2024 Pembroke Academy School Goals

The following school goals are straightforward and simple, however Pembroke Academy’s aspiration to these simple tenets should have a profound impact on the academic, physical, and emotional well-being of all of our students and staff members.
Work Hard

The Pembroke Academy Community will be present, engage with purpose, ask questions, and challenge ourselves daily.

Be Respectful

The Pembroke Academy Community will display civility, compassion, and support. We will be kind to ourselves, our community spaces, and to each other.

Be a Spartan

The Pembroke Academy Community will persevere, thrive, and strive to be our best through good choices, reflection, engagement in the community, and support of those in need.

Vision of a Graduate

2023-2024 Pembroke Academy Vision of a Graduate

A Pembroke Academy graduate will be a lifelong learner equipped with the skills necessary to be successful in their endeavors.  The vision of a Pembroke Academy graduate is an individual who can consistently demonstrate the following NH Work-Study Practices at a competent level:

  • Communication: They can use various media to interpret, research, question and express knowledge, information, ideas, feelings, and reasoning to various audiences.
  • Creativity: They can use original and flexible thinking to communicate their ideas or construct a unique product or solution.
  • Collaboration: They can work in diverse groups to achieve a common goal.
  • Self-Direction: They can initiate and manage their learning and demonstrate a growth mindset through self-awareness, self-motivation, self-control, self-advocacy, and adaptability as a reflective learner.