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Mission & Goals

Pembroke School District Mission
The mission of the Pembroke schools is to educate each student with integrated knowledge, skills and character necessary to achieve, contribute and thrive throughout life by actively engaging each student within a safe environment dedicated to excellence and the betterment of society. 

Pembroke Academy


The Pembroke Academy community strives to be a community of acceptance and support. In order to achieve this, we will be kind, increase our understanding of those different from ourselves, be appreciative of what we have, and look for opportunities to help others.


The Pembroke Academy community is a committed group of lifelong learners. In order to achieve our fullest potential, we will be present, work hard, ask questions, support others, and challenge ourselves daily.


The Pembroke Academy community believes in the importance of the whole person. In order to create the best version of ourselves, we will take care of our bodies and minds, support those in need, ask for help when needed, and reflect on the choices that we make.

Pembroke Academy