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Winter Sports Tryouts

Below is the schedule for winter sports tryouts for the first week. All athletes need to sign up on Family ID. If you are not signed up, you will not be allowed to try-out until you do. There are a few protocols that you need to be aware of. All athletes will need to fill out the Covid 19 Self Assessment for each day we have practice. The nurse will notify me if anybody did not complete it or should not be there. You will not be allowed to practice if you do not do your daily assessment. It is imperative that you stay home if you are not feeling well. It is better to miss one day than possibly cause you and your team to miss 2 weeks. Also, if anybody is unable to make tryouts due to quarantining issues, please let me know. We faced similar challenges during the fall season and every athlete was given an opportunity to try-out. Athletes are to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of tryouts. You will wait in the lobby, with masks on and socially distant, until you are called into the gym. There will be no locker rooms available. The only thing you should need to change are your sneakers. Athletes need to bring their own water bottles. We have 3 filling stations located in or near the gym. Water bottles, towels, and gear should not be shared. There will be hand sanitizer available but it is a good idea to have your own supply as well. After practice, athletes need to pack up their gear and leave the gymnasium. Athletes are not allowed to stay and loiter. Everett Arena and Pats Peak will also have their own guidelines and protocols that you will need to know.

Girls Basketball-  Varsity Coach Steve Langevin [email protected] 

12/14 and 12/15 PA Gymnasium, 12/16 JV 3-4:30 V 4:30-6, 12/17 [email protected] TRS 5-6:30 V 6-7:30, 12/18 JV 6-7:30 V 7:30-9

Spirit- Varsity Coach Nicole Nason  [email protected] 

12/16 and 12/17 7:30-9:15pm PA Gymnasium 

Boys Basketball- Varsity Coach Rich Otis [email protected] 

12/14 and 12/15 6-9pm PA Gymnasium, Grades 9-10 6-7:30, Grades 11-12 7:30-9, 12/16 JV+R @ TRS 5-6:30 V 6-7:30, 12/17 and 12/18  JV+R 3-4:30 V 4:30-6

Ice Hockey- Varsity Coach Marc Noel [email protected] 

12/14 3:20-4:10, 12/154:30-5:20, and 12/18 8:30-9:20 Practices are at  Everett Arena 

Skiing- Varsity Co-Coaches Heather Bowes [email protected] and Mark Simmons [email protected]  

12/14 and 12/16  3-4:15pm Please go to the cafe first for attendance. Practice will be outside so please dress appropriately.

The gym schedule for the rest of the year can be found on our Big Teams page,  You need to click on the “More” tab and then “Files and Links”

Questions regarding Family ID and the Big Teams page should be directed to Ashley Gladu at [email protected]