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Pembroke Academy Counseling Services
Phone: 603.485.7881
Fax: 603.485.1824


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CRTC – Concord Regional Technical Center

Adult Education

St. Paul’s School – Advanced Studies Program
The St. Paul’s Advanced Studies Program (ASP) is a stimulating and challenging educational experience for students.  This 5-week summer program stresses academic and personal growth, as students learn to live together and share in the school community.  For students who want to make themselves stand out in the college process and who are seeking a college preparatory experience, this is a great opportunity following their junior year.

To find out more about St. Paul’s ASP, visit their website at  –  the extended deadline for the online application is December 31. See your school counselor for more information. 

Scholarships & Resources

Scholarships – updated by the Pembroke Academy Registrar

LaValley Internships – work with LaValley Farms owner and PA alumnus, Chris LaValley.  The full internship is 2.5 credits or the partial internship is a choice between 1.25 credits or community service hours.

I Am College Bound 

I Am College Bound Presentation

NH Charitable Foundation – manages a growing collection of nearly 2,000 philanthropic funds created by generous individuals, families and businesses. These donors make it possible for the Foundation to award more than $40 million in grants and scholarships every year.

NH Scholars – is an effort by area business and school volunteers to encourage and motivate all high school students to complete a defined, rigorous academic course of study that prepares them for successful transition to college or university coursework or vocational and technical training necessary to enter today’s competitive job market.

The NHHEAF Network – Helping New Hampshire Families Plan and Pay for College Since 1962.


Support Services

The following resources are available 24/7.

Support Services 



Consider taking the ASVAB test in January 2020. This unique assessment is open to all, not simply those exploring a military path. The ASVAB is a great resource to help you narrow down strengths, skills, and what academic or occupational pursuits might be right for you! Stay tuned for specific details. See your school counselor if you have any questions. Click here for handouts.

January 27, 2020
February 3, 2020
February 4, 2020
  • CRTC Field Trip for Sophomores

    February 4, 2020  9:30 am - 1:00 pm

    See more details

February 14, 2020
February 21, 2020

Student Showcase

Congratulations to our participating I am College Bound seniors!

Congratulations to Eliza Fisher, Abby Smart, and Ryan Ardine, our 2020 HOBY participants! 

School Counseling Department

Marie-Ann Demchak
Voicemail: Ext. 2064

Jay Bachelder
Intervention and Prevention
Crisis Team Chair
Voicemail: Ext. 2063

Edward Collins
Adult Education Coordinator
Internship Coordinator
Voicemail: Ext. 2083

Penny Aube                                                                                          
Administrative Assistant – Blanchard House
Voicemail: Ext. 2057           

Barbara Michaud
Director of School Counseling
Blanchard House
Class 2020 – 2023: K-Pe
Homeless Liaison
Voicemail: Ext. 2058    

Jonell Landry
Blanchard House
Class 2020 – 2023: D-J
Voicemail: Ext. 2059                          

Steve Langevin
Administrative Assistant – Walker House
Voicemail: Ext. 1068

Danielle French
Walker House
Class 2020 – 2023: A-C
Voicemail: Ext. 1063

Patrick McLaughlin
Walker House
Class 2020 – 2023: Pf-Z
Voicemail: Ext. 1062